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English version KINOMAX is the largest regional cinema chain in Russia nowadays. It includes 25 cinemas in many cities of the country: Moscow and Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Tagil, Perm, Rostov on Don, Saransk, Tyumen, Tambov and Chelyabinsk, etc. Total quantity of screens is more than 100. And that is not all. Future plans of the company is to open multiplexes in ROsotov, Moscow, Novosibirsk and other cities. As well as to reconstruct operating cinemas in Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Vladimir thus making them moderm multiplexes with several screens. competition in the cinema market doesn’t frighten us, as success is always achieved by the companies which do their work professionally, have proper understanding of needs of modern spectators as well as wide experience and excellent reputation. KINOMAX has all these characteristics. Opening of KINOMAX cinemas is carried out in 2 directions. Firstly we are aimed on new regions, cities with population over million as well as big regional centers. Secondly we widen our presense in regions where our cinemas are already functioning. For us cinema construction should be mainly focused on the technical equipment of the halls. For our cinemas we have chosen Dolby Digital Stereo system with six-channel phonogram reproduction. Certainly, quality of performance in many aspects is defined by the quality of the film projection equipment. In projection rooms ERNEMANN, Kinoton ans Chrietie projectors with platters are installed anfd prove our choice with excellent operation. modern chairs with holders for popcorn and coca-cola are installed in every hall to make the visit to the cinema comfortable.. In the centre of the hall there are so called VIP-seats- the place of the most optimal perception of the phonogram and image on the screen. Besides thorough repertoire formation and technical equipment we pay much attention to the service and warm atmosphere in our cinemas. One of the characteristic features of the modern cinema is catering zone as well as fast food. It is important to make the cinema the place to send time with comfort. That’s why one can find cozy bars, cafes and pizzerias in our cinemas. To attract our guests and give them the opportunity to attend our cinemas more often KINOMAX has worked out Discount-Bonus program that allows participants to get 20% discount at ticket booking and also to attend premieres, different celebrations. KINOMAX suggests a flexible price policy as well special discounts for students and pensioneers. KINOMAX cinema chain extends business opportunities suggesting to open a cinema in Your city under its trademark by franchising system. Franchisee gets stable business under the famous trademark that makes it more attractive for the consumer. Franchisee retrenches expenses for the repertoire, advertisement, training, registration of his own trademark and so on. By the support of the franchiser, franchisee has the opportunity to negotiate with the major companies on getting necessary equipment and stuff on a big discount. As a result franchisee gets ready business and stable income. We develop and improve to make every our guest to get professional and qualified service. Long term and trusting relationships are of great importance for us. We are professionals and we are a team!!!


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